Welcome to ‘About Us’ section. Here you will get to know who I am and what do I do.

My name is Sathya Sankar. I live in the southernmost part of India named Kerala. I’m basically a mechanical engineering graduate by education and an entrepreneur by profession. I love everything about travel.

I have been to various parts of India and got a fair chance to explore my country in detail. I know very well life in Indian villages as I come from a remote village and experienced everything a serene village has to offer. At the same time, I am also well versed with life in a big city as I worked across various metropolitan cities in the country.

through this website, I try to make readers possible to find out the top attractions in the country. On this website, you will get to read a wide variety of articles related to travel and places. I have made each and every article on this website so easy that even a 5the grader can understand everything clearly.

I would also call myself a blogger, YouTuber, and digital marketer as they are also an integral part of my life.  I run a youtube channel in Malayalam which has been monetized and has thousands of viewers every day. I also run a business from my home which is completely related to physical goods.

If you want to know more about me, Please feel free to contact me on various social handles.

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Sathya Sankar
Sathya SankarMr
Blogger, Youtuber, Entrepreneur